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In 2023, three friends took a trip up the side of Ali Mountain in Taiwan to seek out rare, high quality tea. Joined by a benevolent cab driver, Mr Lee, the trip became a once in a lifetime adventure.


This trip became the basis for Mr Lee's Alishan Tea Collector. Follow Mr Lee as he dodges enemies, climbs ladders, and leaps over pits in an attempt to collect and harvest tea. Test your tea knowledge in a quiz mini-game, and heat a tea pot in a button-mashing game. Will Mr Lee eventually make it to the top of Ali Mountain?


Demos of this game were initially created and handed out at local software events in Taiwan. The team then expanded the demo from nine stages to twenty. This fills out the game a bit more and is the product being offered here.


Why are we even offering a demo game for sale? As more people recently expressed interest in joining the team, we have the suspicion that Mr Lee's Tea Collector is going to receive a huge overhaul before it is finalized and released, graphically, if not in other ways too. We feel that our simple proof-of-concept version still has merit though, and as it's a completed game in its own right, we decided to share this release with the world too.


Those who enjoy tea will have fun with this tea-themed game. Tea bags containing tea from Alishan are also included with each order.


Please note: These games are made using brand new PCBs, and recycled cartridge shells. Also included with the game is a second information sheet (not pictured), detailing more about the inspirational trip to Ali Mountain as well as more information about the game.


As these games are being assembled by hand, please expect a lead time of one to two weeks before shipping. Thanks.

Mr Lee's Alishan Tea Collector (Demo)

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