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Here are some common questions that we've gotten in the past.

What is Mali's Cash Bar, exactly?

Mali's Cash Bar is where the magic happens. Situated in Taichung, Taiwan, it's a hangout spot for friends. We research, analyze and discuss games here, and it's also where we write our Mali's Cash magazine.

The name comes from the world Mali, which is how the superhero Mario's name was often translated into Chinese during the eighties and nineties. On our online page, we provide sell gaming products developed by Taiwanese indie software house ITG-Soft, and we also provide links to the publications we have written about gaming.


How long does it take to receive my order?

Because the items ship from Taiwan, it generally takes about two and a half to three weeks to receive your parcel. Tracking is included with all packages, and we are always willing to assist when needed.


Can you help me find "xyz" game?

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot help other people find specific games. The items that we offer for sale are either products we are helping to distribute for local companies, or our extra items that are no longer needed for our projects.

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