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Welcome to Our Shop of Strange and Wonderful Things!

Browse around our shop to find many weird and exciting items for classic gaming machines.


Browse through original modern day games, or perhaps request some custom work.

Enjoy the works of Hwang Shinwei, Hummer Team, and more!

Discover a wide range of fun games on one of these multicarts.

For those looking for official Japanese games...

North American game releases on Famicom.

Want to try out Mario 6? Or Rescue Rangers 3? If so, check out our fun game hacks.

Old unauthorized versions of Japanese software, dating from the eighties and nineties. Pegasus, Dendy, remarks carts.

Datach carts, disk to cartridge conversions, and more!

Game Boy Advance

Unofficial Chinese Translations of popular games.

Sega Game Gear

Sega Game Gear conversions of Sega Master System games

Game King

4 in 1 cartridges for the Game King Handheld.

LCD Games

Tetris-styled LCD Brick Games.


Gaming books, magazines, and digital files.

Other Goodies

Action figures, toys, stickers, posters, and more!

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