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Piss the Fish was developed in 2021 as an art project. After discovering how he was holding the Famicom controller in a vertical position, similar to a wii remote, the developer of Piss the Fish got the idea to create a Famicom party game requiring the assistance of two players. Player one would control the character on screen, and character two would fire the weapon. Thus the idea for Piss the Fish came about.


Although the concept of Piss the Fish is humorous, though not suitable for those under 18 years of age (you control a flying penis that shoots sperm at fish with boobs, to compete in becoming the world's cockmaster), it was born from a dark era. Originally released in the summer of 2021, the game was sold in Taiwanese food boxes, with handdrawn labels and artwork. The game was created to help generate income while the developer was in quarantine due to a Covid-19 outbreak.


Very limited amounts of the original Piss the Fish game were released, due to a limited amount of parts used to make the packaging. Once we ran out, we stopped selling the game.


Now for the first time ever, you can purchase a regular edition Piss the Fish game, if you missed out on this homebrew game the first time around. It comes housed in a clamshell case, and has a manual to accompany it.


**Please Note: The final box design, manual, and label are all still under revision as we write this. When they are finalized, images will be added.

Famicom - Piss the Fish (CIB, Regular Edition)

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