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Famiclone Galaxy offers a variety of services. We are one of a few exclusive shops with the rights to distribute ITG Soft's line of homebrew and indie games. We also specialize in old video games and gaming machines from Taiwan and Asia. 


Homebrew & Indie Items

Mali's Cash


Mali's Cash is a new magazine focused on homebrew and indie games as well as Taiwanese culture. Each issue is about forty pages and can be purchased from either Amazon or Mag Cloud. Please see the links below.


Mag Cloud:


Family Bits

from TV Game Foundation Formosa

Family Bits is an extensive guide to unauthorized Famicom games released across Taiwan, Poland, Russia, South America, and other parts of the globe. 

Produced by the TV Game Foundation Formosa, the guide is an unbiased look at this part of gaming history. This is the first volume in a series.


Taiwanese Relics

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