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Okay, so you've created a game and you want to share a few physical copies with your friends. That's where we come in.


With our service, we will assemble and sell you one (1) Famicom version of your game. We can also help you to design a label for your game, with any artwork that you provide.


With us there's no need to enter into contracts and have others take a part of the sales. We'll put your game onto a physical cartridge, and you don't have to do any of the leg work.


Our cartridges are compatible with Mapper 30 NES / Famicom ROMs only. Yes, our cartridges are compatible with NES Maker games. The games are then housed in brand new, sleek black Famicom game shells.


This set also includes a Sega-style game box. We will help you to design a manual for your game, as well as a box, using artwork and information you provide. 


**If you want to order more than one cartridge from us, we offer discounted prices for each subsequent game ordered.**

Vanity Famicom Cartridge with Box and Manual Mapper 30 (NES Maker Compatible)

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