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Desolate Love is the latest game from software powerhouse ITG-Soft.


Set about a year and a half after Martin's trial, protagonist York visits a temple master in an attempt to ressurect his dead girlfriend. Meddling in the affairs of the dead hardly ends well though, and now York is being plagued by forelorn female spooks from beyond the grave. Can York ever find his lost love? Will he even be able to survive in the earthly realm? Only time will tell.


Desolate Love for the Famicom includes the following features:

-fifty different stages

-a second quest

-a compelling story

-two-player simultaneous mode


Released on January 19th, 2024, Desolate Love is slated to be the best maze game since Pac-Man! The simultaneous two-player mode pits friends against each other, in an exciting and competitive game.


Please Note: Desolate Love is an 18+ game and is not meant for children. The game contains nudity, as well as some themes relating to sex, suicide, rape, and ghost marriage. If you want to purchase the game but these themes aren't for you, please puchase the censored version. One can select which version of the game to purchase on the order page.

FC Desolate Love (Homebrew)

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