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Welcome to the P.L.T.C. Based loosely on a true story, you head across the river to the neighboring city to meet up with a friend, and you suddenly find yourself in a raunchy nightclub. 


Can you find your way out of the multi-storied nightclub alive, or will the cool beats pulse through your mind, encouraging you to stay put and go home with a stranger when the sun comes up? Only time will tell.


Peace, Love, Trippy Club is an original indie game developed by ITG-Soft of Taichung, Taiwan, for the Famicom. Once chosen to be showcased at a modern art show in Taipei, the soundtrack and bright colors are sure to have you begging for more.


The cartridge shells and boxes are made from recycled parts, but the PCBs and components are brand new. This game includes a box and manual, and was released in 2020.

Famicom - Peace, Love, Trippy Club (CIB)

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