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For those looking to get into Famicom or eight-bit Nintendo development, this development cartridge is a must! The cartridge has a socketed slot, where IC chips can be inserted or removed, just like in the olden era of game development. 


Compatible with Mapper 30 games, including NES Maker, our development cart comes fully assembled and is housed inside a recycled Famicom game shell (colors may vary), for a true old-school feel. Simply burn your Mapper 30 game onto a chip and seat it in the IC socket, to play your NES or Famicom game on real hardware. Feel like an oldtime developer by using a chip burner and makeshift development cart, rather than just a modern flash cart.


These Famicom development cartridges are the same ones used amongst testers at Taiwanese indie company ITG-Soft. As such, included with the board is a ROM chip loaded with a rolling non-playable demo for ITG-Soft's action platformer, "Wang's Great Adventure in 2023", which may or may not eventually see an actual release.


For those needing their games burnt onto chips, we can also do that for a fee and include them with this developement cartridge. Please note, we do not distribute or leak any files used to burn chips for our customers; they remain confidential, unlike unreputable services on AliExpress and the like.

Famicom Development Cart with Pre-Loaded Demo (NES Maker Compatible)

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